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  • Fusion Vacuum

    Fare collection solution by vacuum.

    Never touch the money!

  • Farebox collection by vacuum system

    Fusion Vacuum Farebox

    The Fusion farebox has two clearly marked entries for depositing coins and paper bills. Highly safe, it is designed to emptying automatically by controlled vacuum with the Vortag system.


    •Robust design

    •Double validation window

    •Integrated lighting system

    •Integrated controlled vacuum module

    The probe

      The probe is the component that connects the vacuum cell to the flexible hose for transporting the money to the vault. It is at the tip of the hose and has an ergonomic handle that fits into the cell to lock all safety systems.
      • Accepts coins, bills and tokens.
      • Cylindrical shape that easily fits into the orifice of the vacuum cell.
      • Position given by a magnetic contactless and waterproof pointer.
      • Operation strictly mechanical and easy to use.
      • Secure locking system with controlled lock.

      Vacuum station

      The vacuum station is the service unit that links the recipe processing unit to the farebox inside the vehicle. This station allows the operator to initialize and start the automated collection system. The probe is stored safely.


      The station is equipped with a smart card reader to identify each operator and to initiate the process of perception. All the data (cell detection, fare box number, operator identification, etc.) are transmitted by a radiofrequency communication system in order to authorize the collection of the money.

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