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  • Evolution

    Registering Farebox

    Combining Fare collection & Intelligence

  • Evolution Farebox

    Evolution Farebox

    • 180° window for validation of revenues.
    • Optical money counter without any mechanical part.
    • Inserting paper and coins in two separate entries.
    • Area validation illuminated with LED.
    • Amounts are displayed on a LCD screen.
    • Drivers recording bills with a TFT screen connected to the farebox. 
    • Storing running totals every day using an integrated calendar and clock to be printed on a report.
    • Highly secure mechanism and easy maintenance. 

    Optical coins counter

    No mechanical parts, never blocked

    Enjoy the optical laser technology that recognize every coins and count them automatically. Without any mechanical part, the optical coins counter just read coins and is never blocked. The total is displayed on a LCD screen.


    Intelligent manual Cashbox

    Recording the data

    • The cashbox storing all specific data for each pass made by each user in order to record them on a report.
    • Emptying the fare box with a removable cashbox. 
    • During the emptying operation, the data stored in the fare box are automatically transferred to the receiving station and then sent to the server.

    Cash management software

    Think outside the boxe

    • Report generated by Microsoft Hyperterminal to view, print and save the data recorded accurately. 
    • Automated management software to conduct reports with several revenue management functions. 
    • Software designed by TAG Canada.
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